JB Quotes


Remember, I'm just a man.  Although I carefully inspect a quote, there could be times where the words don't fully do justice to the Truth, therefore you're also responsible for checking quotes against God's Word, don't consume whaterver is set before you, seek the Truth and you will be free.

Does a man need to know how the eye works in order to see?

Every man is biased based on his position, if a man is alive his position is automatically life, he is free to be life biased.

Truth and Logic equals Reason.

Hope is only possible through the Promise, holding on to the delivery of the promise is Faith.

The difference between life and death is hope.

Torment is the language of death.

Wisdom is to always have the present what the important thing is.

Fear is the thief of what reality calls for.

Do not assign an additional false existence about something to your belief, this is idolatry.

Anchor of Commitment not Slavary

The law burdens beyond capacity.

To live in the richness of His life,
Rather than in the poverty of my sin.