Logical Proportionality

There's a proportionality in nature that points directly to intelligent design, meaning nature was made by a creator, now you may think that this conclusion is invalid, in which case we invite you to look at this case of evidence.

God created everything for His glory and for His purpose, and when we align ourselves with His will, we certainly benefit, lets explore this proportionality found in nature:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalm 19:1

The proportionality we're talking about is called the Phi number, it is a proportionality that man has discover over time in nature, and although multiple people throughout history have contributed to this discovery, the true credit and glory goes to the one who created it, God Himself.

Take a look at this video by Answers in Genesis:

Answers in Genesis - Nature's Proportionality

Praise God for all He has created!  By the way, pay attention to the way the man teaches, he teaches with service and without imposing, such gentleness is through God's love.

The Phi number begins with the Fibonacci sequence, which leads to the golden ratio, it describes the used mathematical proportionalities in nature, as well as the human body.

As Fibonacci observed nature, he was able to see the mathematical connection.

Given that just about every subject has a connection with nature, either directly or indirectly, this sequence and ratio shows up fairly frequently, some of you and definitely I, will be glad to know that we're not going to go into all the applicable math, since it goes deeper than we can imagine.

The left column is the Fibonacci sequence, notice starting on sequence 6765, the calculation on the right (which is 6765 divided by 4181), stabilizes to 1.6180340, this is what is called the golden ratio, this ratio is used in many things, it kind of gives something design an interesting and pleasing geometrical balance.

The Fibonacci sequence and hence the golden ratio, can also be found in the Mandelbrot set, which when plotted, produce a symmetrical fractal with outgrows that within them contain the mentioned sequence; don't you find it interesting that the universe is mathematically legible?

I found it interesting that the conversion of one kilometer to one mile is close to the golden ratio, makes me wonder where else can we find that ratio.  I remember when I was younger, I would sometimes move or re-arrange certain things, like a picture frame, just a little bit on the wall and my eyes or my mind would only be content when moved just a tiny bit.

If you're more interested in seeing how math is found in nature, I recommend watching The Secret Code of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle, in the video he establishes the relationship that links computer generated fractals and fractals found in nature, excellent work.

It makes me wonder if these fractals have a connection to the Fibonacci sequence, sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Also, check out more of Jason Lisle's videos in Rumble:

I believe God has not only put the thirst of eternity in our hearts, but also given us that taste of perfection, what a joyful and wonderful thing to see all those things He has prepared for His children.

Decay came through man's sin, and speaks of the universe as a sinking ship, man sees it and wants to figure out how to fix it and make it work forever, but God is telling us, the ship is going down, and He has a plan to rescue His children before it does.  It's all in the Bible, do we think the world is getting better?  Sometimes, and this is certainly the case, when we need to grab the instructions manual and hear what God has to say about evacuating this ship safely.

God bless you and thank you for reading.

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